frequently asked questions

Can any pool be converted to a salt water pool?


What are the main benefits of converting my pool to saltwater?

Salt water pools have many benefits over chlorine pools. The water is more natural to swim in and is better for the hair and skin. You can open your eyes underwater. The operating costs are lower for saltwater pools as well.

How salty does the pool water become? Is it comparable to the ocean?

No the salinity of the ocean is over 10,000 ppm. A saltwater pool has a salinity of around 3,200 ppm which is equivalent to the salinity of your tears. This is why you’re able to open your eyes underwater!

What maintenance is needed after my pool is converted to a salt water system?

Much less maintenance than a chlorine pool. Saltwater pools naturally have a more stable pH and Alkalinity level. Adding chlorine tabs on a regular basis is completely taken out of the equation. As long as the salt level is within the proper range, the salt system will generate the chlorine naturally. The customer just needs to watch the salt level of the pool. Heavy rains can affect the salt reading and thereby affect the chlorine production

How does salt water sanitize my pool?

The chemical makeup of salt is Sodium Chloride (NaCl). How the salt system sanitizes the pool is by splitting up the Chlorine molecules from the Sodium molecules. This in fact produces Chlorine naturally, unlike the addition of chlorine tabs.

Do I need to install a new pool pump and filter in addition to the salt generator?

No, a salt system can function with any type of pump or filter.

How long does a salt conversion take?

A complete salt conversion takes 1-2 days. It is an extremely easy process. We plumb in the salt system, hook up the electrical, add the required amount of salt into the pool, and allow that to circulate for 24 hours before turning the salt cell on for the first time. Once that cell is turned on after the 24 hours, your pool has officially been converted into a saltwater pool.