How do I find the right CBD product for me?

With so many brands of CBD on the market, how do I find the right product for me? CBD or Cannabidiol, is a on chemical compound that can be extracted from the plant material of the cannabis plant. CBD Isolate is sold by many brands, but the most popular CBD product on the market today is Full Spectrum Extract containing not just CBD, but, other phytocannabinoids such as CBDA, THC, CBG and many others. Full Spectrum Extracts also contain substances called terpenes that can enhance the benefits of the extract by boosting the effectiveness of the phytocannabinoids.

Beyond just CBD Isolate and Full Spectrum extract, the CBD market has other inconsistencies and areas where clarity is needed due to several years of legal uncertainty. So when you are trying to find the right product for you, it becomes imperative that you sort through all the jargin. Below are some simple steps to help you navigate the muddy CBD brand market.

Step 1: Standardize

  • Not every label is the same because the CBD industry is so new and there is not a standardized label requirement.

  • Some labels list total CBD in bottle, while others list total amount of CBD in 1oz, while others list the total amount of cannabinoids (or whole plant complex) in the bottle or per serving. Generally, it is a good idea to compare the amount of CBD per ounce when looking at brands. This may require you to do a little math. Typically, the amount of CBD in a whole plant extract is between 65 and 85%. Most companies will tell you the amount of CBD in the bottle if you ask, but you can always find their certificate of analysis on line and look for yourself. If they don’t provide this you do not want to purchase from the company.

  • Serving size is not what you should take, but rather how much a dropper will yield. This is important. You have to determine your own dose!

  • To determine where to start dosing, figure out the mg of CBD per ml (assuming the dropper is 1 ml). Then calculate how many mg in a drop. There are normally about 30-40 drops in a 1 ml dropper. Your start dose should be low. (Read step for to figure that out)

  • Understand how the various forms of hemp extract are consumed and how that impact absorption. If you take the oil or tincture form, you may absorb more than if you consume an edible product. Therefore your dose may be lower in an oil than an edible. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

  • The highest concentration of CBD isn’t always the best because it’s not all about the CBD content.

  • Finally comparing price per mg is helpful when comparing brands with similar genetics.

Step 2: Know why you want to take CBD

There are so many reasons someone may take a CBD product. Understand what areas of your health need to be balanced to best know how much and which product to consume.

Step 3: Find the right concentration, cannabinoid/terpene profile

  • Although CBD helps the body find balance, terpenes can make the CBD and cannabinoids more powerful. Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds in ALL plants that help your body in many ways. The most common use of a terpene is putting lavender on the bottom of your baby’s feet or on your pill to help support a good nights sleep. Linolool is one of the active terpenes in the Lavendar plant that both helps create the scent we smell but also aids in relaxation. Most full spectrum hemp extracts contain a few terpenes and depending on the extraction method and strain can contain more than 15-20 terpenes in significant levels. Terpenes are one reason the enterage effect exists.

  • Some of the more common reasons people take CBD and the terpenes associated:

Pain – B-caryophyllene, Myrcene

Inflammation - Humulene and B-caryophyllene

Relaxation, sedative - Linalool

Relaxation, muscles and brain - Myrcene

Mood improvement - Limonene

Mental focus - PineneAnxiety – Myrcene, Linalool

Sleep – Myrcene, Terpinolene

Step 4: Figuring out your dose

  • What works for your friend may not work for you!

  • Serving size is different for every person and is not condition or weight specific.

  • Finding the correct dosage has to do with many factors and in most cases more is not better.

  • Medical condition

  • Intensity of condition

  • ECS and individual sensitivity to cannabis

  • Body chemistry and other pharmaceutical use

  • Endocannabinoid tone

Start low and slow. Titrate increasing dose by small amount (approx 1-2mg) every 2 days.

If improvement of symptoms is found at a lower dose, stop increasing. If no improvement happens after two weeks, stop taking and consult professional expertise.

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