Our 1:1 30mg Delta-8 & CBG premium vegan gummies are made with organic ingredients and infused with our top notch delta-8 and CBG distillate unlike anything else on the market. It has 15mg Delta-8 and 15mg CBG in each with a total of 30mg in each. The combining effects of delta-8 and CBG together is perfect to snack during the day and helps with energy and focus. These gummies have just the perfect chewy texture, not too hard and not too soft and they taste amazing. Unlike other gummies out there, these stand up to the heat really well and they don’t melt in your pocket! 


WHAT ARE Delta-8 GUMMIES? They’re sweet and chewy bites that allow you to enjoy the effects of delta-8 in irresistible, easy-to-manage servings.

Luna Weekend CREATIVITY BOOST D8+CBG Gummies, 15mg+15mg, 15ct