not all cbd is created equal

There are many factors that go into making a superior CBD product.  Beyond just growing the hemp crop organically, the strain, extraction method and thought behind formulation all influence a great product.  That’s why Luna CBD creates our products from three different varieties of cannabis, utilizes two different extraction methods and formulates multiple delivery methods of CBD-rich hemp extracts into products for your mind, body and soul.


But it’s not enough to create a beautiful brand or exceptional products.  At Luna CBD we are passionate about educating you about your endocannabinoid system and how to utilize CBD supplements to find balance and to discover a new approach to self-care.  We want to be your guide as you uncover new health goals and provide a trusted source for all of your hemp & health-related questions.  Your health is our passion.

your best life

(what does that really mean?)

Actually, it’s really different for everyone and at different points of our life’s journey it’s different.

Just as the moon is not fixed in the sky, shifting in balance with the earth and the sun, our bodies are constantly in search of balance.  Phytocannabinoids derived from cannabis, combined with daily movement and a diet rich in greens and omega 3’s can help us move toward a more balanced body and our best lives.  But the thing about balance, like the position of the moon in the sky, is that it’s ever changing.  Luna CBD provides you with options to aid in daily balance no matter where you are on your journey. 

Quiet the mind. Naturally.



Chief Education Officer

Mari Geier, is the Chief Education Officer at Luna CBD. You might say Mari has been working her entire career to get to this point. From college, she knew that the cannabis plant would play some role in her future.  She obtained a BS in Horticulture and a BA in Anthropology while at Penn State University, studying how people used plants for medicine.  Always fascinated with botanical remedies, she was first introduced by her grandpa.  He was always using some tincture or tonic to promote his health and he lived a long 88 years.  Nearly 20 years later, Mari now owns three successful businesses and has finally found an outlet to combine her love for the cannabis plant with her passion for education.

Mari is also passionate about truth in labeling and making sure that every customer has a safe and effective product.  She is leading  the charge in terms of clean ingredients, clear labeling and clear messaging and continues to be the trusted educator in the retail cannabis space for hemp derived CBD –rich hemp extracts.



You can follow her on IG at @marigeier or @lunacbdatl

Kevin parker

National Sales Director

Kevin brings a fresh outlook to the CBD market and to sales in general. A recently retired Naval officer, Kevin was unable to experience the benefits of CBD (due to antiquated drug testing laws) while he was on active duty. Kevin’s experience is very much like the majority of consumers coming to CBD for the first time. However, Kevin is no beginner to sales and marketing and the support wholesalers need to be successful. With this extensive background, he provides creative solutions to help every Luna CBD customer grow their business from the basics of making sure orders are fulfilled on time to creating custom programs that fit your business needs.

kelly culbertson

Inside Sales + Order Fulfillment

The newest member of the Luna team, Kelly is lovingly referred to as our CMO (chief millennial officer). Originally from the world of maritime logistics and operations, Kelly's extreme attention to detail and desire for precision and order make her the perfect person to take on the management of our wholesale and retail fulfillment operations. She uses CBD to manage stress and get a full night's sleep because while working full time she is also currently in graduate school. Kelly loves establishing relationships with our customers and makes sure your order gets to you quickly and efficiently.